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Frequently asked questions

How do I find you at the Airport?
You will find our representatives wearing a white and blue blouse/shirt holding a Cancun Cheap Transfers sign.

How long do I have to wait at the airport for my vehicle?
As soon as you contact our Representative you will be taken to your vehicle right away.

Can I change my pick up time on my departure date?
Yes you can, Just call one day before your departure to our office.

Will I have to share my vehicle?
No, you will not share it at all. Just your party. Remember that our service is Private

I will go to Cancun tomorrow, can I still book and get a service confirmation?
Yes, at least you have to book 24 horus prior your arrival, or just call us

Can you take me from my arrival hotel to my departure hotel?
Yes . We also have that service, from one hotel to another. Contact our representative for special rate

Are you insured?

Do you have car seats?
Yes, we do have forward facing car seats available upon request only, and actually there is no additional charge applicable for that service.

Is my reservation refundable?
Yes, as long as you cancel your service 24 hours prior.

How far are the hotels from the Cancun Airport?
The hotels located in Cancun are about 20-30 minutes away depending on which hotel. Playa del Carmen hotels are located about 50-60 minutes away. It takes about 1hr. to get to Akumal or Puerto Aventuras and about 1 1/2 hrs. for Tulum.

Do you rent your vehicles per hour or for private excursions?
Yes, we can rent our vehicles for a minimun of 3 hours and if you wish to take a private tour we can do that as well. In both cases we provide the driver.

Are there Taxis outside the Airport?
No, regular taxis or caps are not allowed to pick up passengers at the airport. Only authorized transportation companies are allowed. Please go to the following link where you can read about the transportation from the airport to any location in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Are there lockers available at the airport?
Yes there are. There is a company called "Mexicana de lockers del Sureste." Sorry no e-mail or webpage, but you can contact them by phone at (998) 734 8052 (this is a local Cancun phone).

How can I contact the lost & found office?
The main number is (998) 848 7200. For terminal 3 dial ext. 1282; for terminal one dial extension 1251. This is a long distance call to Mexico.

How many terminals are there at the airport?
There are three (3) terminals. Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Domestic terminal. There is also a FBO terminal for Private Jets.

Do international flights, specifically from the US and Canada,arrive at both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3?
Yes, those are the two terminals in operation right now.

How can I go from one terminal to the other?
There is a free shuttle between Terminals. Just ask any airport representative for the Terminal Shuttle stop.

Are there ATMs at the airport?
Yes, there are ATMs and money exchange desk at each of the international arrival terminals. The exchange rate variates each day.

Is pre-booking activities and travel on the internet necessary?Is it safe?
Yes!  Many people who decide to wait until their arrival in Cancun to book their activities find out that the popular activities, such as Swim With the Dolphins, sell out weeks in advance.They are disappointed, and have to settle for the second-rate activities.They are also shocked to find out that most hotels and travel agencies add significant surcharges into the tour rates that they charge

We are travelling to Cancun within the next 6 months, Can I make a reservation now?
Yes, we can take your reservation, no matter if you will come over within the next 6 months or next year. We take reservations up to 24 months in advance.

Can we get married in Cancun?
Most definitely, Cancun is a very romantic location for a wedding, many foreigners get married here. And we can provide you the transportation for you party.

Is it safe to walk around the town at night?
Yes, definitely. The tourist police here are friendly and very helpful. Use your common sense, and be careful. Leave your fancy jewelry at home! After dark, stay on the main streets; do not wander on the beaches late at night. Never flash large amounts of money.

Is the beach safe?
Generally, yes. As anywhere there are a few places to beware of. During the summer there can be large swells, even in the Caribbean. Remember, the only places you will find lifeguards here are in front of a few of the major hotels. You can swim in front of one of the major hotels. Be careful and buddy up, swim with a friend, always! Tell other people where you are going to swim and your expected return time.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?
If these FAQ's don't answer your question, you can contact us and we'll happily answer your questions for you.