From USA Toll Free 187.7335.2279  From Canada Toll Free 187.7361.4073  From México Toll Free (01 800) 837.3943
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Arrival Instructions

We constantly check your flight with the goal that you always have your unit on sight, to you don't have any problem on your arrival, in case of delay, canceled or any other problem.

If you change your flight or date please let us know at the phones:
From USA (Toll Free): 187.7335.2279
From Canada (Toll Free): 187.7361.4073
From Mexico (Toll Free): (01 800) 837.3943
Cancun: +52 (998) 882.5420

When you arrive at the Cancun airport you'll get through the immigration area, then you'll get through the baggage claim, where you'll get your luggage, and at last you will have to be in the customs where you maybe have to wait till 45 minutes depending on the quantity of people on the cue for the checkpoint, don't worry about the time cause we'll waiting for you at the exit of the arrival area.

When you get thought the customs go straight down to the exit of the terminal and look for our representative that have the sign with the logo of CANCUN CHEAP TRANSFERS don't look for your name, look for the sign with our logo you'll see hundreds of people looking for their sign, it's a lot easier.

When you find your representative let him know who you are and show him your paypal recipe he will take you to your transport and will give you the last instructions for the way back (in case of a round trip).

If you'd hired a round trip the representative will confirm and will give you a voucher with all the information for the way back.

Now get to your destiny is safest, fastest and reliable than ever just with